E-learning reimagined

Bethink is a company behind multiple brands disrupting the e-learning landscape. We use technology to deliver a cutting-edge educational experience to thousands of students every year.

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Our mission

Education → Freedom → Happiness

Our mission is to assist in development, both individual and collective. We help people by inspiring them to overcome their own limitations. This is the driving force of progress. Therefore, in each of our minds, the words expressing what we want to offer resonate... Education → Freedom → Happiness.

Proper education opens the mind and develops critical thinking and life skills, without which achieving freedom is impossible. Without it, there is not enough space in our minds to experience true happiness.

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Our brands

Bethink group consists of several brands, with a few market leaders among them.

An international brand for scaling our medical education endeavour. Expected to launch in Q2 of 2026.
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Więcej niż LEKMore than Medicine
Więcej niż LEK
Leading provider of e-learning education for medical students and practitioners. Managing 17 courses and serving over 14,000 students every year.
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Więcej niż MaturaMore than High School
Więcej niż Matura
The biggest med-prep solution on the market. Online Biology and Chemistry courses for high-school students with fully integrated tutoring and assessments bank.
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Twój DyżurYour ER
Twój Dyżur
Market leader in the field of ER-prep education. Reaching tens of thousands of doctors, paramedics and nurses, it helps thousands of medical graduate every year.
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Najprościej MówiącSimply Medicine
Najprościej Mówiąc
An emerging health education portal for patients. Started as an educative YouTube channel, Najprościej Mówiąc aims at being a widespread and trusted source.
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Our custom e-learning platform that utilizes atomic content - a revolutionary approach to creation of educational experiences with unique analytical capabilities.
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Our values

The success we've seen is based firmly on our core values.

Evidence-based teaching
Hype is dangerous. It often promotes a solution that is not beneficial to students. We base our teaching methodology on evidence based practices and latest research.
Think, say and do the same
Integrity between thoughts, speech and actions is the fundamental principle we follow. We embrace healthy conflict of ideas and prioritize truth over comfort.
Growth mindset
We treat our mistakes as an opportunity to learn. Always asking "Why?", but never seeking scape goats, we try to understand our failures and be wiser in the future.
Effective collaboration
We value teamwork, where diverse perspectives are respected. Effective collaboration is core, fostering a culture of shared goals and celebrating collective achievements.
Full ownership
More than responsibility, it's a commitment to excellence. We empower team members to take initiative, make decisions, and be accountable. This instills pride and dedication, ensuring each contributes to the company's success.
Caring about others
At our core is genuine concern for others' well-being. We cultivate empathy, kindness, and support, recognizing individual success is intertwined with team success. Caring is a guiding principle shaping our interactions.